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Providing healing for children with chronic conditions

Jordan is a happy, playful 6-year-old with twinkling brown eyes, an infectious giggle, and a smile without two front teeth.  In addition to her front teeth, Jordan is missing her hair and her left leg up to the hip, due to a diagnosis of bone cancer.  Her buddy at the hospital is Greg, a tall, handsome 17-year-old who is making plans to go to college in the fall.  Greg has Type 1 diabetes, and is working to ensure that he has the best possible control before living on his own. 
The KU Kids Healing Place at The University of Kansas Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient services to meet the physical, psychological, social, educational and spiritual needs of children who have:
  • Chronic Illnesses (illnesses that last three months or longer)
  • Life-limiting conditions

Jordan and Greg are among the nearly 20% of all children who have a serious health condition or special health care need at some point during childhood.  In addition to excellent medical care, these young people need state of the art care for the many psychological, social, spiritual and educational challenges that accompany serious illness. They may worry about the impact of their diagnosis on themselves and their family;  relationships with peers may change,  and the youngster may feel left out of normal activities.  Questions about faith and spirituality may arise requiring spiritual guidance; and keeping up in school and activities may become an important factor for a very sick young person.

The KU Kids Healing Place specality trained team helps these issues by:
  • Helps families identify and access needed resources
  • Offers training and support to families, health care providers, teachers, peers, coaches and others
  • Bring medical providers and families together to create a patient-centered care plan
  • Provides spiritual and emotional support to patients and their families
An old African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child”.  That is never more true than in the case of a child with a serious health condition.   Young people with serious health conditions in Kansas City and surrounding areas are fortunate to have The KU Kids Healing Place– a village which includes the best doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, school systems, spiritual advisers, other community members, and the Shawnee Mission/Kansas City Delta Delta Delta Alumnae Group.   The KU Kids Healing Place provides a range of services to address the unique and individual needs of infants, toddlers, children and adolescents. Services can be provided at any stage of the illness.
Please join our village and help kids with serious health conditions.

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